2023’s Top 11 WooCommerce Plugins


Online commerce is a major element of our life in this digital age. Today’s potential and accessibility of opening an internet store make it a viable business concept. WooCommerce, the free eCommerce plugin for WordPress, is a no-brainer for starting an online store. The platform also has a smartphone app for managing stores on the go. Adding a few plugins to your WooCommerce business can increase your ROI and improve your customers’ experience. Let’s see what WooCommerce extensions will make your webstore stand out in 2023.


Why use WooCommerce?

Woo Commerce is one of the largest eCommerce platforms, powering over 6 million live websites. It’s a WordPress plugin that lets you establish an eCommerce site easily. It helps SMBs build an internet commerce firm.

As a WordPress plugin, it’s easier to use and manage for novice site owners. Its WordPress integration helps the webstore’s SEO. Open source gives advanced users unprecedented customizability. For non-developers and newbies, there is a wide library of third-party themes and plugins. You’ll gain assistance and knowledge from a tight-knit WooCommerce community.

If you use Woo Commerce to manage your online business and want to link it with your whole software stack under a single, intelligent, and secure platform to automate your business processes, use APPSeCONNECT’s robust WooCommerce connection connectors.

WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce provides some sophisticated eCommerce functionality, but it lacks important quality-of-life aspects that clients demand from online buying. Woo Commerce’s base platform is usually insufficient to run a profitable store. Smaller enterprises must provide a similar, if not better, user experience and features than Amazon to compete. WooCommerce lacks complex ecommerce functionality.

With third-party Woo Commerce plugins, you may customize your customers’ experience and have access to additional functionalities. Due to its restricted eCommerce features, the default version of WooCommerce requires plugins to be customized. You can design and optimize your webstore using free and premium plugins.

Choosing WooCommerce Plugins

Installing every Woo Commerce plugin will cause problems. Overloading your website with plugins will slow it down and clutter the UI. So, choose plugins that offer a complete set of functions for your target audience.

Before choosing WooCommerce plugins for your website, consider these criteria.

Webstore goal
WooCommerce’s missing features
WooCommerce theme with needed features
A collection of plugins and extensions for the chosen theme
Choosing a suite of plugins for the future or buying individual plugins to run your business
The next part will discuss the top WooCommerce plugins to accelerate and streamline your eCommerce operation.

Essential WooCommerce Plugins

Woo Commerce is a free open-source platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Here are some of the greatest WooCommerce plugins for your money.

WooCommerce’s OptinMonster


WooCommerce’s OptinMonster generates leads. It lets you develop eye-catching opt-in forms and convert website visitors into subscribers, boosting sales conversions. The plugin helps businesses expand their email list, display customized website messages, upsell, and cross-sell. Paid versions can be purchased on their website. The free version is a WordPress plugin.

Free basic plugin, plus $9-$49/month premium subscriptions

Wishlist WooCommerce


Not every buyer can buy everything at once. Having a saved wishlist on the webstore lets them buy saved things without searching again. Visitors to your webstore can create wishlists to buy later or share them with friends and family with the YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin.

Free plugin. $89.99 for premium version

Multilingual WooCommerce

Selling online lets you reach beyond your geographic area. This can create a language barrier for website visitors. Complicated websites can lose business. WooCommerce Multilingual integrates with the WPML WordPress plugin to add multilingual support. Customers can choose their favorite site language.


Plugin free.

WooCommerce boost

Booster for WooCommerce adds unique features to Woo Commerce. The plugin includes bulk price converting, currencies, worldwide discounts, and order-quoting functions. With 110+ features, you can simply build a feature-rich eCommerce website.

Price: $97/year to $297/year

FunnelKit’s WooFunnels

WooFunnels is a strong lead funnel builder that boosts earnings with speedier checkouts, order bumps, one-click upsells, and automation. The plugin captures lead data, boosts order value, sends alarms and provides actionable insights.

Base plan is $169 per year and premium is $239 per year for a single website. Funnel Builder is $299/year and Funnel Builder + Automations is $359/year for agencies with up to 30 websites.

Woo Commerce Shipping Date

Few eCommerce companies let buyers choose delivery dates. Your clients can choose their preferred delivery date with the Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce plugin. It’s an improvement over the existing approach, which offers few delivery data possibilities.

Free plugin. $99.00 Pro Version

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

Your customers will appreciate flexible payment alternatives. Losing a consumer with high payment intent because a safe, convenient, and commonly utilized payment gateway wasn’t available might have long-term consequences for your organization. Stripe is an online payment gateway. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway plugin enables Stripe for your webstore.

Free extension.


Coupons engage customers and encourage repeat purchases. Advanced coupons improve WooCommerce’s basic coupon capability and let you design stronger coupon offerings. Buy One Get One offer, coupon URLs, scheduled coupons, auto-apply coupons, shipping coupons, and more are added.

Free WordPress plugin. The Business Bundle costs $498.50 per year.

FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, can be used to persuade website users to make a purchase by creating a sense of urgency.

Through TrustPulse, you can generate FOMO and social proof notifications on your website about how many people are buying. Seeing others buy can encourage your customers to make purchases.

Paid plans cost $5-$39 per month.

Wholesale Suite WooCommerce

Post-pandemic, traditional B2B brick-and-mortar organizations and many B2C eCommerce businesses are expanding into online wholesale. The WooCommerce plugin Wholesale Suite includes three plugins to create wholesale pricing on your WooCommerce store for bulk purchases and other B2B functions.

Paid plans cost $148.50 to $298.50 annually.

Amazon Pay

Amazon is a popular internet retailer. With the Amazon Pay plugin for WooCommerce, your customers may enjoy the same payment and shipping choices as on Amazon. Customers log into their Amazon accounts to complete orders. Amazon’s credibility gives shoppers confidence while shopping online.

Free add-on.


All of the aforementioned plugins strive to improve your clients’ online buying experience and give you more control, customization, and features. A frictionless buying procedure keeps customers happy and coming back to your webstore. If your webstore sells services, a good customer experience is crucial. With the aforementioned WooCommerce plugins, your webstore receives the enlarged set of features it needs to grow exponentially.

With a robust WooCommerce webstore, you can automate business processes by integrating it with your entire business software suite. APPSeCONNECT’s intelligent out-of-the-box WooCommerce integration helps you achieve scalable success.

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